SkyeWelse Chronicles – Episode IV: A New Blog

Today I’ve started a new gaming blog that I hope to update fairly frequently, mainly to discuss games, or game related news I’ve found interesting or to share updates on projects I’m currently working on.

For those that know me (and also for those that don’t), I’ve had several websites and hosted several projects over the years, some of which are ongoing. I used to run the domain of “” for several years and hosted many sites affiliated with the Mirai Gamer name.

  • The Castle ( which was a Genso Suikoden fansite/forum community, and now decommissioned.
  • CSCATOA shoot-off of the the Castle site that was designed to be an online trading post for the collectible card game of Genso Suikoden Card Stories. It was only live for a week or so.
  • Panzer ( a fansite for my favorite video game series of all time. It has now been decommissioned.
  • GameFlaws( This site dealt with reviewing games and discussing where development went wrong and more than just pointing out the problems, offer constructive criticism and possible solutions for how to improve the experience.
  • The Cave Story Tribute Site ( and forum, which was eventually passed to a friend to manage going forward.
  • XyZ, ( which stands for Xak, Ys, Zelda, which some of my favorite Action-RPG series. I plan to update and move the Xak section into the site at some point.

Overtime, I decided to let the name fade into obscurity and decided to take up a new entity, that of “Retro-Type”. Retro-Type, you say? Isn’t that kind of like that one Shtmup series called “R-Type”? Why yes! You would be correct if you guessed that. I’m a big fan of R-Type and Gradius, as well as several “old school” games and genres. I suppose my main passion for gaming falls there. Some of my all time favorite series are Panzer Dragoon, Ys, Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Xak, Suikoden, Shantae, Brandish and many, many others. I do play many new games as well, but I tend to enjoy the ones that feel like they are an genuine evolution of the games I grew up with in the 80’s. I’m also a huge collector of games and systems, many of which are decades old. I would say that the majority of my game collection is “Old School” or “Retro” and contains several older Falcom RPG titles.

Under the new roof of, I’ve created two new website projects and still maintain XyZ on occasion:

logo_usamsx_logo_smallshantaenet xyz

A few projects I’m currently working on include more updates to these sites above, writing an article with my friend MP83 about the Xak series for the popular gaming site:
Hard Core Gaming 101, developing an “expanded” port of Fix It Felix, Jr. for the MSX2 with my friend Maggoo, and hopefully working on a few RPG maker projects with friends as time permits. RPG Maker is a very powerful tool and it would be nice to make a game or two using that program.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll be back to read more sometime. : )


June 13, 2014